MastiCAM is the latest brainchild of the team behind Masti Chat TV. Always striving to provide the viewers and lovers of the show with the best possible entertainment, we have come up with to try and quench the thirst our viewers have for our Daytime Babes doing something NAUGHTIER!!

So if you have not still tried it are missing out BIG TIME!! So check out the website for timings and log in! You can try out the cam show for free initially, but if you really want to see something, then we suggest you buy some credits, and be ready to spend some dosh to catch the Daytime Babes in some out of this world action!!

postheadericon 7 Welcome to London

‘7 Welcome To London’  has created a first, by releasing a new theatrical trailer carrying a 12A certificate with the UK prints of Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu.  The first trailer was not suitable for a family audience so, a unique step was taken to create a 12A trailer. This new trailer will now be played with the UK print of Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu.

Distributor Joe Mirza said “Our first trailer was given a 15 certificate so I immediately knew that it would not be shown with Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu which is a 12A film and expected to have a great opening at the box office.  Because of my faith and belief in this film, I took the step of getting another trailer specially created for a family audience which, would of course get our film maximum exposure.”

’7 Welcome To London’ is a grisly thriller crafted in a gritty manner to draw on contemporary UK issues. It brings homegrown UK talent to the forefront right from the cast to the entire film unit.  Bafta and Oscar winning editor Chris Dickens is the creative producer for ‘7 Welcome To London’ and has seamlessly blended Bollywood with international film techniques.

The upcoming movie marks the debut of Zing’s very own popular presenter Asad Shan, from UK based Bollywood show Brit’s Bollywood. The talented British model-turned-actor is the leading man in the movie as well as its director.

- END -

Watch the Trailer


postheadericon Behind-the-Scenes at the HOTTEST MASTI SHOOT YET! Feb 14th 2012

Hey MAsti Lovers,


I am just posting some behind the scenes shots i took, of the hottest photo-shoot we have done yet…i reckon, if u  start downloading those pics on your phones, they will melt! check them out now!!


postheadericon Trials and Tribulations on Masti

For many Masti Lovers, it is just a show to enjoy and helps them in communicating with beautiful Asian babes, which was more or less a taboo in this society. But Masti Chat is more than a mere interactive chat show, it is breaking boundaries within our conservative cultural setup. We have given people the opportunity to communicate with the gorgeous women first hand, and to learn in bits n pieces about them. The girls find this as a liberation from the confines of cultural taboos, and cliche’d assumptions. The Asian bloc in the UK has come a long way, and the new generation wants to express their freedom in unique ways. Some do it via music, some shoot films, and some want to be on Masti Chat.

Finding the talent for the show has been at times interesting, eye opening and mostly surprising. Girls have come and joined us from backgrounds/regions that we did not think possible. Alas, we have a strong bunch of girls, who take pride in what they do and dont care about what someones mama-chacha-uncle-aunty-mother-father- etc has to say. Masti Babes are drawing a new line in the sand for themselves, a line which they themselves are responsible for, not someone else from some other time/space.

When we first started, I actually thought, it was going to be the most difficult project i have ever taken on. And it was. Initial reactions ranged from the flabbergasted, to out right disgust at the very notion. But with time comes acceptance and understanding. People have learnt to love this show and respect the talent. Hopefully, this trend will keep on growing and make Masti Chat the No.1 interactive Chat show in the UK.

postheadericon Behind-The-Scene at Masti Chat

Hey Masti Lovers…

Ever wonder what goes on Behind-the-Scenes here at Masti Chat? Well Keep checking this space for the Candid behind the scene shots of our incredible babes…some of the shots may be arty farty..but sure you wont complain :)


postheadericon Bollywood Gossip Jan 2012

Bollywood News!

Yash Chopra back on the Mountains!!

When its a Yash Chopra film, the Swiss Alps, snow and romance has to be there. After eight long years, Yash Chopra returns to the Bollywood industry, making a film with Shahrukh Khan and Katrina kaif. He is busy hunting for a perfect location and needless to mention, he definitely wants his snow clad mountains back.
Confirming the news, Chopra says, “It is being planned.”
Not just the snowy mountains, Kats and SRK will travel to many foreign locations for the shooting of the film, the next scheadule being London.
Chopra added, “Shah Rukh is such a lovely boy. It is always fun shooting with him. We have finished shooting a song here (in Mumbai). Now, we will be going to London next month. After we return, we will be shooting in India for a while. The team is still busy location hunting. Everything will be finalised by the time we come back.”

Shahrukh Vs. Mr. Farah Khan


To celebrate the success of Agneepath, Sanjay Dutt threw a big bash on Sunday night. But the big bash soon turned into a nightmare when Shahrukh Khan allegedly slapped Shirish Kunder, the husband of Farah Khan.
If eyewitnesses are to be believed, while Shirish was already enjoying the party, gulping down a couple of drinks, SRK walked in pretty late. Seeing Shahrukh, Kunder started following him everywhere, passing stupid comments at the actor.
Naturally SRK got irritated and apparently pushed Kunder on a sofa, first trying to talk to him. But when Shirish continued to retort back. That’s when Shahrukh lost his cool and slapped him.
Shirish Kunder is reported to have said: “Shahrukh punched and jumped on me. And he had three bodyguards with him. I don’t know what got him. I was numb with shock so I couldn’t react. He kept screaming at me, ‘What do you think of yourself? I’ll see to it that you’re out of this industry’.”
Shirish Kunder’s wife, Farah Khan, who was SRK’s once upon a time good friend, said in a statement,
“Shahrukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem, and that it means the person who’s hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on. So it saddens me to see him doing the same.”
Buzz had it hat, Shirish Kunder also filed a police complaint against Shahrukh Khan. However, denying the reports Shirish said,
“Thanks for all your concern & wishes. We are very grateful. Contrary to rumours, we have no intention of filing a FIR or police complaint,” Shirish Kunder wrote on his Twitter page.
Shahrukh Khan, however, chose not to comment on this episode.

Priyanka Cant Enjoy Herself!?!



“Agneepath” has opened to an awesome response and ever since then the cast of the film can’t stop partying. However, the lead actress is too busy to enjoy the success of the film.
Well, Priyanka Chopra is very busy shooting for her unprecedented opening but actress Priyanka Chopra, who plays Kaali in the film, doesn’t have time to celebrate the success as she is busy shooting for her next film “Barfi!”.
Priyanka has given all her dates to “Barfi!” and is very busy shooting for it. Directed by Anurag Basu, the film also stars Ranbir Kapoor.
“She has been working round the clock. She hasn’t been able to enjoy even her success as she is shooting in two shifts. Even yesterday she had to request ‘Barfi!’ to let her leave early to attend press conference,” a spokesperson for Priyanka said.
Although Priyanka is happy with the response to “Agneepath”, she is upset about missing out on all the fun and celebrations.
“Priyanka is not able to go for any of the success celebrations or parties. She is very upset about it. However, she is happy that the film has done so well,” she said.

Ashwariya in a Cover Shoot?


Till last week, we heard that Aishwarya Rai has been rejecting several offers coming her way, because of her two-months-old baby. However, the latest is that the actress has posed for the cover page of the January edition of Elegant Living magazine, which is a US based publication.
On the cover, Ash is all decked up in a white suit and a hat. She looks quite slim and trim. So we wonder when did the shoot happen!
Buzz has it that the mag, having Ash on its cover, is just a publicity stunt so as to attract people to purchase their copies with the hope of getting a glimpse of recent images of Ash and her baby.
Currently, when the entire nation is curious to know what’s cooking in the Bachchan pariwaar, whats delaying the formal naming of the baby, etc etc, having Aishwarya on the maazne cover is the best way to get its copies sold, like hot cakes.
These marketing gimmick , i tell you.!

Agneepath is a hit!!

Agneepath is a HIT! Though there was a slight fall in the collections of Friday, it picked up very well on Saturday and Sunday and is still going strong.
On 26th Jan, the film opened to a bombarding start, breaking all records of the first-day earning, collecting a whopping sum of Rs. 23 crore. Friday, 27th Jan, was a bit shaky as the movie collected jus Rs 12 crore. However, the amount raised to Rs 14.5 crore on Saturday and Rs 17.5 crore on Sunday.
The weekend saw a total collection of Rs. 67.5 crore.
The next big flick will be Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu, starring Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan, releasing on the 10th of Feb.

Aamirs Back!!


Watch Trailer Here!! Click on This Link

postheadericon and the Story goes on…

Masti Chat has come a long way since it started in August 2011. We have had many faces come n go, since then, but one things remains the same, that its the top place to connect with the Hottest Asian Babes.
Due to popular demand, we started Masti nights for your pleasure only! We have added new faces for Masti Nights, so our viewers can have the pleasure of realising their Asian fantasies.
  • Sitara who started off as a Daytime girl, showed off her real talent in Masti Nights. Her bootilicious frame, and dirty mouth has many tongues wagging. If you think you can talk dirty, you have no idea how dirty this gal can get.
  • Shanti is another one of our babes, who started off as a daytime girl, but always had a leaning towards the Night show. She is a ticking sex bomb, that will make you explode when you least expect. Her style is direct and very hardcore, and can match any one in how nasty their thoughts can get. A definate keeper on the Nights!
  • Ria is a new addition to the Masti Team. She joined specifically to pleasure. Her petite frame can fool you into assuming her as an innocent young thing. You could not be futher from the truth my friends. Ria is a sexy n dirty girl, with more filth on her mind than matches her petitness. She is just as sexual in reality as she is on screen. A young sapling that blossoms infront of the camera, this girl can handle just about anyone or anything. So if you havent seen or spoken to her are missing out..big time!
  • Isla is another amazing addition specially for Masti Nights. This girl is a dancer, who has more talent than can fit our screens. She loves to please, and has energy fit for an Olympian. Isla loves to talk sex, and can sex up any conversation at the drop of the hat. She has already proven to be an indispensible entity on the show, and our viwers love her spunk. Her body writhes around the screen like a snake on heat, and can set your pulse racing with a hello!
  • Aneesha is yet another find for our show, a girl who loves to show off her body and sex up the screen.She has the knack to make you cream in your pants. This girl is sexual in the dirtiest sense of the word. Her bootilicious body has curves in all the right places. Her smile is endearing and her chat filthy. She makes one comfortable in her presence and has an aura about her. Not one to miss!!
  • Tara may be a daytime girl, but she loves to chat dirty.She has the best tits on the show, and would love nothing more than show herself off to you. Her mind is ful of sexual thoughts and there is only one way to tap into that mind! The only way to get her to do that is by going to, and buy some minutes via your credit card, to ensure your age. You will be given number to call and a pin to put in so you can get in touch with our daytime babes and chat any which way you want. Just be careful to not break their hearts..they are fragile little girls!!

postheadericon New Girls All The Time!!

Dear Masti Viewers,

Masti Chat is the UK’s No.1 Asian Phone Chat Show, Featuring the Hottest British Asian Babes. We are always adding new faces/babes to the line up, trying to improve our loyal viewers experience. Presently we have added the following the line up:


1. Jazz:  Our babe with middle eastern roots, with a flair unline any other on the show. This babe loves everything fast…mmm…Has her own super bike, and loves to travel…One to keep an eye/ear out for!


2. Sanam:  This babe is part Turkish, Part English, Part sweet and Part sour. Probably one of the prettiest babes on TV. She has an innocence about her which is intriguing and heart warming.


3. Anita:  Our resident Bengali ( Bangladeshi ) beauty, or should i say LOLITA!! Amazing girl, with a beautiful personality. Her looks are as mesmeric as her Bollywood dance moves. this one is a keeper for sure!


4. Sitara:  Sitara is also a mixed race babe, who has previously done hardcore work under the guise of Lucy B. Her real name is Sitara H. She does both our Daytime and Nighttime Shows. An amazing girl with a sugary persona. Dont miss her.


5. Sahara: A babe with a more similarities with your best mate than any i have met before. She likes everything us blokes do. Still new, still finding her feet on the show..One to look out for.


These and many more new additions to come. Keep those phones ringing, and befriend one of the Hottest British Asian Babes, and get a new prespective in life ;)



postheadericon Masti Chat to go Back to Sky 906!

So as of ~Nov 1st 2011, Masti Chat ventured into the realm of Sky 910. 910 was a Daytime Babestation Channel,  and a straight switch was made with Masti Chat. But after a week of Masti Chat being on 910, it has been decided to undo the switch, therefore Masti Chat shall be back in its birthplace, Sky 906.


So as of Nov 7th, 2011, we shall be back on Sky 906. Sorry for any confusion. See you all there on Monday.


postheadericon Masti Chat…The Story so far

Hello Everyone,

On 2nd August 2011, Masti Chat was launched with some trepidation and doubt about its future potential. With a small team of girls, we took small baby steps, approaching the concept of a British Asian show with a pinch of salt. So far the likes of Mariam, Ayesha, Aziza, Priyanka , Shanti and even Laila ( who dropped out of the team citing personal issues) have helped develop a product which is both likeable and has the style and pizazz to reach out further.

Lets talk a bit about the Masti Babes

Mariam: Naturally flirty, sexy and hip. A favourite of the regulars, can talk about anything and make it seem sexy. a true talent on the show.

Ayesha: Fit babe, sexy dancer, beautiful voice, amazing bod, amazing package really. Great addition to our team.

Aziza: The punk, the funny and strong personality of Aziza is a breath of fresh air on tele by far. Her style is edgy with a soft tender side. Amazing

Priyanka: The shy girl on the show, whose petite bod gives a quiet impression, yet this girl can talk for the world!!

Maya: The young 19 year old, whose sexy moves mesmerised many of us watching. She was with us for a short period of time, but had to take time off to pursue some personal things. But never fear, for she promises to be back sooner rather than later

Shanti: A recent addition to the team, this girl speaks many languages, which is great for our multi-cultural viewer-ship. She has her own sexy style, which is a favourite amongst Masti Chat’s hardcore viewer-ship.

Anita: Another very recent addition to the team of Masti Babes. She is 18 yrs old and very ambitious. Her sweet style and sexy slim bod will keep many entranced for long periods of time. She is a keeper for sure!

Tanya: The latest addition to the team. Her gorgeous face and amazing bod can resurrect many a lost cause and motivate you to do better for some strange reason. She has a very sexy voice and her friendly is appreciated by all that call…We are still getting to know her for now ;)

More and more girls will join the show…Masti Chat is here to stay!

The first couple of months, our viewers gave us massive support and helped mould it into shape. The viewers chose who their respective favourites are and support each girl in their own way. That support is needed to take this show forward and make it a true international show piece.

On the 1st of November 2011, we tried our hand at a night time show called Masti Nights. The stats showed a hugely successful start for the copncept. We are still gauging all the reaction and once we are sure, Masti Nights shall become a permanent fixture in the week…We are looking at Saturday nights as Masti Nights..will keep you all updated!