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postheadericon New Girls All The Time!!

Dear Masti Viewers,

Masti Chat is the UK’s No.1 Asian Phone Chat Show, Featuring the Hottest British Asian Babes. We are always adding new faces/babes to the line up, trying to improve our loyal viewers experience. Presently we have added the following the line up:


1. Jazz:  Our babe with middle eastern roots, with a flair unline any other on the show. This babe loves everything fast…mmm…Has her own super bike, and loves to travel…One to keep an eye/ear out for!


2. Sanam:  This babe is part Turkish, Part English, Part sweet and Part sour. Probably one of the prettiest babes on TV. She has an innocence about her which is intriguing and heart warming.


3. Anita:  Our resident Bengali ( Bangladeshi ) beauty, or should i say LOLITA!! Amazing girl, with a beautiful personality. Her looks are as mesmeric as her Bollywood dance moves. this one is a keeper for sure!


4. Sitara:  Sitara is also a mixed race babe, who has previously done hardcore work under the guise of Lucy B. Her real name is Sitara H. She does both our Daytime and Nighttime Shows. An amazing girl with a sugary persona. Dont miss her.


5. Sahara: A babe with a more similarities with your best mate than any i have met before. She likes everything us blokes do. Still new, still finding her feet on the show..One to look out for.


These and many more new additions to come. Keep those phones ringing, and befriend one of the Hottest British Asian Babes, and get a new prespective in life ;)



postheadericon Masti Chat…The Story so far

Hello Everyone,

On 2nd August 2011, Masti Chat was launched with some trepidation and doubt about its future potential. With a small team of girls, we took small baby steps, approaching the concept of a British Asian show with a pinch of salt. So far the likes of Mariam, Ayesha, Aziza, Priyanka , Shanti and even Laila ( who dropped out of the team citing personal issues) have helped develop a product which is both likeable and has the style and pizazz to reach out further.

Lets talk a bit about the Masti Babes

Mariam: Naturally flirty, sexy and hip. A favourite of the regulars, can talk about anything and make it seem sexy. a true talent on the show.

Ayesha: Fit babe, sexy dancer, beautiful voice, amazing bod, amazing package really. Great addition to our team.

Aziza: The punk, the funny and strong personality of Aziza is a breath of fresh air on tele by far. Her style is edgy with a soft tender side. Amazing

Priyanka: The shy girl on the show, whose petite bod gives a quiet impression, yet this girl can talk for the world!!

Maya: The young 19 year old, whose sexy moves mesmerised many of us watching. She was with us for a short period of time, but had to take time off to pursue some personal things. But never fear, for she promises to be back sooner rather than later

Shanti: A recent addition to the team, this girl speaks many languages, which is great for our multi-cultural viewer-ship. She has her own sexy style, which is a favourite amongst Masti Chat’s hardcore viewer-ship.

Anita: Another very recent addition to the team of Masti Babes. She is 18 yrs old and very ambitious. Her sweet style and sexy slim bod will keep many entranced for long periods of time. She is a keeper for sure!

Tanya: The latest addition to the team. Her gorgeous face and amazing bod can resurrect many a lost cause and motivate you to do better for some strange reason. She has a very sexy voice and her friendly is appreciated by all that call…We are still getting to know her for now ;)

More and more girls will join the show…Masti Chat is here to stay!

The first couple of months, our viewers gave us massive support and helped mould it into shape. The viewers chose who their respective favourites are and support each girl in their own way. That support is needed to take this show forward and make it a true international show piece.

On the 1st of November 2011, we tried our hand at a night time show called Masti Nights. The stats showed a hugely successful start for the copncept. We are still gauging all the reaction and once we are sure, Masti Nights shall become a permanent fixture in the week…We are looking at Saturday nights as Masti Nights..will keep you all updated!

postheadericon Masti Chat Launch

Masti Chat is a brand new web-based chat show, dedicated to the Asian population. It launches on 2nd August! You can watch it over at!

Why not check it out, and give the gorgeous girls a call to chat about anything you want!

Have fun!

Masti Chat!