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postheadericon New Girls All The Time!!

Dear Masti Viewers,

Masti Chat is the UK’s No.1 Asian Phone Chat Show, Featuring the Hottest British Asian Babes. We are always adding new faces/babes to the line up, trying to improve our loyal viewers experience. Presently we have added the following the line up:


1. Jazz:  Our babe with middle eastern roots, with a flair unline any other on the show. This babe loves everything fast…mmm…Has her own super bike, and loves to travel…One to keep an eye/ear out for!


2. Sanam:  This babe is part Turkish, Part English, Part sweet and Part sour. Probably one of the prettiest babes on TV. She has an innocence about her which is intriguing and heart warming.


3. Anita:  Our resident Bengali ( Bangladeshi ) beauty, or should i say LOLITA!! Amazing girl, with a beautiful personality. Her looks are as mesmeric as her Bollywood dance moves. this one is a keeper for sure!


4. Sitara:  Sitara is also a mixed race babe, who has previously done hardcore work under the guise of Lucy B. Her real name is Sitara H. She does both our Daytime and Nighttime Shows. An amazing girl with a sugary persona. Dont miss her.


5. Sahara: A babe with a more similarities with your best mate than any i have met before. She likes everything us blokes do. Still new, still finding her feet on the show..One to look out for.


These and many more new additions to come. Keep those phones ringing, and befriend one of the Hottest British Asian Babes, and get a new prespective in life ;)



postheadericon Masti Chat Launch

Masti Chat is a brand new web-based chat show, dedicated to the Asian population. It launches on 2nd August! You can watch it over at!

Why not check it out, and give the gorgeous girls a call to chat about anything you want!

Have fun!

Masti Chat!